BARBARY DOGS makes 14 Best SF Novels List!

I’m so excited and honored to see The Barbary Dogs made it into SFist’s official list of The 14 Best San Francisco-Set Novels.  What a thrill to see my name up there with Frank Norris, Amy Tan, Armistead Maupin, Jack London, and Dashiell Hammett! To read their full list, click the link below:

best of SFist

The 14 Best San Francisco-Set Novels

We live in a relentlessly beautiful place that has inspired many over the years. This has always been a city brimming with artists, writers, and musicians — and SF’s bohemian streak will hopefully not end with the 20th Century as it becomes more and more insanely expensive to stay here. But among the books that have been written about San Francisco, these fourteen stand out as our favorites, depicting different eras in a city that has been, by turns, wild, drunken, bawdy, tragic, too smart for its own good, and occasionally booming. Here are SFist’s selections for the best SF-centric fiction to fill your spring and summer reading lists.

Best SF Novels

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Muy guapa, muy brava in Seville

As many of you know, I spent 3 months in Andalucia this spring researching bullfighting and gitanos (Spanish Gypsies) for my next book The Last Matador.

El Finto & me outside a Seville cafe where all the bullfighters would go after corridas.

A highlight of my trip was meeting with El Finito de Triana, famous bullfighter from the 1960s – 70s. We had a wonderful meeting over coffee and — with the help of two local friends who translated — he revealed many marvelous human aspects of the corrida that you just can’t find in books. For instance, I asked him what he feared most; the bull or the crowd. Without hesitation, this grand gentleman drew up in his seat, looked me square in the eye and said, “the crowd”. Why? Because they always want more and more, they are insatiable. And, in the end, it’s not the bull that kills you. It’s the crowd.

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Barbary is big in New Hampshire

My good friend Ms. Valente just sent me this pic from her local library in New Hampshire. The Newmarket Public Library features Barbary Dogs prominently on its “recommended reads” shelf!

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Spotted in Seattle

Front and center on a display table at Barnes & Noble.

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Oh, gawd, look at the treeeee !!

Time to put up the treeeeee. Who wants Bailey’s?

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Cabaret Voltaire

Before it was an 80s new wave band, Cabaret Voltaire was the birthplace of Dadaism.

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Slavoj Zizek is a card-carrying genius.

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