Max Bravo Novels

The Max Bravo series in stores, libraries, and online now:

The Dog Park Club:

A noir tale of dogs, murder, and purple fleece jackets.

Max Bravo is vain, arch, brittle, and bored. His opera career has stalled out on the mid-tier. His hobby — debauchery — has become routine. And there’s not enough fairy dust in the world to change the fact that, after a thirty-year adolescence, Max is finally middle-aged. But when Max becomes enmeshed with the eccentric regulars at a Berkeley dog park, he finds himself swept along into a bumbling, keystone chase to corner the murderer of a beautiful and beguiling young woman.

The Barbary Dogs:

Just how dead do you get when you jump off the Golden Gate Bridge?

After his unsettling experience in The Dog Park Club, Max Bravo decides he’s ready for a quiet spell. But, being Max, he won’t get it. An old friend takes a leap off the Golden Gate Bridge. The jumper, F.J. Kelly, was a failed writer and an accomplished hothead. Max acquires Kelly’s journal. The further he reads, the deeper he’s pulled into Kelly’s world. Max is soon following the dead man through a foggy landscape of artistic manias, romantic intrigues, and, along the way, meeting a retinue of crackpots, bohemians, and Barbary ghosts.

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